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January 23, 2012

5’O clock – T-pain ft. Lily Allen, Wiz Khalifa interpretation


The chorus is a sensual confession of a sexually

excited lady [Lily Allen], rendering an invitation

for sex in sly and guileful manner

…And I pretended I was sleeping

and I was hoping you would creep in

to a lover that at the time was too distracted

…and these females got me stalling

to hid her cravings but all this tend to be

prompted at a specific time,5’O CLOCK IN

THE MORNING.The verses definitely have a

story to it.They tell a story of a distracted

lover [T-pain] who either had his priorities

misplaced in respect to his romantic obligations

…And this Nuvo got me tripping

or taking the invitation of his lady for granted

…we do this every night,

and then we always wake up singing the same song

Hence, there is a prompted need to have a more

appreciative substitute lover [Wiz Khalifa] who

happens to have been fronted with the same

advances as the original lover

Too many thirsty girls up in this club

for me to leave here with one of them

but still manages to get his priorities straight and put this lady first

…that’s why I call her

to have her sexual need attended to.

The other guy is clearly more passionate and endered to

the lady than her actual lover.

In closure, this is a story of the wrong person being the right

option and doing the right things at a specific time,

5’O clock hereby symbolises the start of a

romantic “Quality time”